Taiwan Folk Songs

Our Chamber Group had been invited to perform in Taiwanese American Heritage Week [橙縣臺灣傳統週臺灣音樂欣賞] in previous years and this year. Taiwan folk songs are the main focus of our music selections. Here are brief summaries of Taiwan Folk Songs (台灣歌謠) from 日治時代 (1932-1939) to 戰後 (1946-1960). 台語通俗歌謠(I);  台語通俗歌謠(II) These PPT summaries were based on the book  “台灣歌謠追想曲” by 莊永明; 前衛出版社 1994.

Songs from Japanese occupation period (日據時期的台灣歌謠) include: 1. 桃花泣血記; 2. 四季紅; 3. 月夜愁; 4. 望春風; 5. 雨夜花。 [Reference: 從台灣歌謠看歷史 –  以日據時代為例]

Four major songs after II World War (戰後四大名曲): 1. 補破網; 2. 望你早歸; 3. 燒肉粽; 4. 杯底不可養金魚。

Here are links of selected instrumental arrangements of the Taiwanese Folk Songs:

  1.  台湾四季 新维瓦第合奏团 指挥/编曲:早川正昭 —  The music arrangement follows the style of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” — Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each season has 3 songs in fast, slow and fast tempo.
  2. Piano Trio:
  3. Chamber Group:
  4. Orchestra:
    • 台湾幻想曲 —  北京中央交响乐团 编曲:李泰祥 指挥:胡炳旭
    • 台灣民謠 — 中国中央交响乐团演奏

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