About Us

About this Site

This site is designed for the members of “Whispering Pines”, formerly Orange County National Taiwan University Alumni Chamber Ensemble (NTUACE) to post their photos, videos and blogs. We welcome the music lovers at Irvine and the surrounding cities to join us in posting our memorable activities, concert reviews and study notes.

Our Vision

Pursue a life of peace, wholeness and health through loving the classical music, inviting others in our journey to walk in meaningful relationship with the Creator, family, community and the art of music.

Our Motto

“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, ” [Matthew 20:28] 耶穌說 “人子來, 不是要受人的服事, 乃是要服事人.” [馬太 20:28]

What are the Ensemble’s intentions for now?

  1. To serve the community with Annual Recital and/or other performances
  2. To support Christian Missionary by joining their activities
  3. To introduce culture of Taiwan through music performance
  4. To develop educational models and materials for people to gain a basic knowledge of chamber music
  5. To explore the relationships between music and science
  6. To network with medical/health professionals in exploring music therapy and providing therapy services

What the Ensemble envisions their organization five years from now?

The Ensemble wants to grow through connecting the musicians in Orange County and networking with those musicians in Southern and Northern California. The Ensemble will seek a local Church to serve in their worship/concerts, music educations and out-reach activities. The Ensemble wants to partner with a local hospital and/or a university in exploring music therapy and providing services.

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