Welcome to Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble!

The 2019 – 2020 Season include annual recital, family concerts, church worships, and out-reaches to community. Join us if you play the strings and/or woodwinds instruments. Please use the Contact Form at bottom of this page to connect with us.

Costa Mesa SDA church

In the past, Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble presented Annual Recitals for many years and it was halted since 2012.

Dr. Peter Chang restarted the tradition of Annual Recital this year.

Time/Date: 2 pm, Saturday, October 26, 2019:

Place: Costa Mesa SDA church (271 Avocado Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627)

Rehearsal: 2019-2020




Handel “Sarabande”

Toselli “Serenade”

Shostakovich Jazz Suite No.2 Waltz