Q&A: Chamber Ensemble

How the Ensemble started?

The Ensemble was formed in 1994 by Dr. Ming Wu (clarinet), Dr. Peter Chang (violin) and Dr. John Hung (piano). They were graduates from National Taiwan University (NTU).

Does the Ensemble exclusively an organization of NTU Alumni?

No! The Ensemble members are not limited to only NTU Alumni.

Are there professional musicians in the Ensemble?

Ms. Esther Chen obtained a Master degree in music from U.C. Irvine and has been active in music education for many years in Taiwan and US. She taught both piano and violin lessons in Irvine and have many students. She passed away in 2015. Ms. I-Ling Tsai is a piano teacher in Irvine and coaches Suzuki teachers in Taiwan. She left our Ensemble in 2015.

Mrs. Grace Wu graduated from Taipei Conservatory and was the lead flutist in Taipei Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Joyce Wu graduated from Columbia University with a Master degree in music education. Ms. Marie Yang graduated from Taiwan Normal University with a BS degree in music.

Samuel Chen, graduated from UC Irvine and San Francisco conservatory of music (MS degree). Mrs. Cynthia Tsai Kao graduated of UC Irvine (BS and MS).

What is the organizational structure of the Ensemble?

Currently, the Ensemble is not an officially registered organization. We are self-managed Chamber Ensemble.

Which organizations the Ensemble partnered with?

The Ensemble serves the community through invitations. Several Taiwanese associations had invited the Ensemble to perform in their activities. Since 2013, Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble performed in annual Taiwanese American Heritage Week at Ccteco, Santa Ana, CA. Members of the Ensemble joined Christian Gospel Out-Reach Activities occasionally.

Recent update: July 3. 2018

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