Handel’s “Sarabande” will be in our 2020 repertoire

Handel’s “Sarabande” may origin from Corelli’s “La Folia”, a famous music piece spanned for 400 years.— Folia and Sarabande — http://creatureandcreator.ca/?p=1097 Handel’s “Sarabande” was used as a theme song in the movie “Barry Lyndon”. Another theme song is Franz Schubert’s Piano Trio in E-flat Op.100, 2nd movement. Here is a video for the Strings version:…

2018 橙縣臺灣傳統週 臺灣音樂欣賞 (Taiwanese American Heritage Week)

2018 橙縣臺灣傳統週 臺灣音樂欣賞 (Taiwanese American Heritage Week) Date:   Saturday, May 19, 2018, 2:00 P.M. Place:  橙縣華僑文教服務中心 Address:   2901 W. Mac Arthur Blvd., Suite 115, Santa Ana, CA 92704 Beautiful Folk Melodies (鄉土詩情) — 編曲: 早川正昭 (Masaaki Hayakaya) 望你早歸  Waiting for Your Earlier Return 農村酒歌  Hamlet Wine Song 日日春  Everlasting Blossoms String Quartet (弦樂四重奏) – –   陳于浩、高世旻、 高世樺 、蔡幸芸 Beethoven…

2017 橙縣臺灣傳統週

今年是我們室內樂團第四年參加橙縣台灣傳統週系列活動 — 音樂台灣 : 古典與新潮。 今年我們樂團新增 Recorder (木笛) 來演奏巴哈的樂曲。Mary Van Cott-Hand 客座參加木笛演出。年輕的團員組成絃樂四重奏、提昇選曲的高度技巧。首次與福爾摩沙之愛合唱團合作、我們樂團伴奏月夜愁、由林麗貞女高音獨唱。 我們樂團歡迎有志於推廣台灣民謠與古典音樂的音樂家參加我們的團隊。

Taiwan Folk Songs

Our Chamber Group had been invited to perform in Taiwanese American Heritage Week [橙縣臺灣傳統週臺灣音樂欣賞] in previous years and this year. Taiwan folk songs are the main focus of our music selections. Here are brief summaries of Taiwan Folk Songs (台灣歌謠) from 日治時代 (1932-1939) to 戰後 (1946-1960). 台語通俗歌謠(I);  台語通俗歌謠(II) These PPT summaries were based on the book  “台灣歌謠追想曲” by 莊永明; 前衛出版社 1994.

Music from Trees

Reading “Music from  Trees” on WP blog site “Calvary Notes” inspired me to think about the connection of human creativity and nature. The YouTube video clip “森の木琴” is a commercial from a Japanese company “NTT DoCoMo”.

Selection of Wedding Songs

I have been invited to play violin solos in a wedding ceremony for a church couple. During the selection of songs, I came up with Bach’s “Arioso” from Cantata “Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe!” (BWV 156) which is a beautiful song and had been played in weddings. It was originally for “tenor” singing and…

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