Reference Books for Violin Playing:

Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching” by Ivan Galamian.

  1. The pictures and the examples are valuable references.
  2. Conclusion chapter “A few words for the teacher” helped my teaching.
  3. Postscript “Galamian in the studio” presents keys on practicing.

Quoted from the Amazon books customer reviews:

  • “Ivan Galamian (1903-1981) was one of the great violin teachers of the 20th century. He taught people like Perlman and Zukerman, as well as countless other professional players of today. This book sets forth the essentials of his method.”
  • “This book is not really intended to be a self-tutor so much as a reference for the teacher and the student who is advanced enough to understand what Galamian is saying. It is not for beginners.”
  • “This book, with its pictures, is outstanding in deconstructing these motions. While it is highly analytical in parts, the book is also excellent in addressing the body’s motion as a whole – in showing the coupling between the hand, elbow, shoulders, violin… using well known extracts from etudes, caprices, and solo works as practical examples.”

The Art of Violin Playing” Book 1 & II by Carl Flesch.

  1. I used these books as references when I have questions or am uncertain on particular subjects.
  2. Again, these books are not intended for the beginners.

The Suzuki Violinist” by William Starr — A good reference on Suzuki methods, his philosophy and teaching beginners.

Ricci on Glissando – The Shortcut to Violin Technique” by Ruggiero Ricci — I bought the book and watched the accompanied DVD but not use it often (placed it in my bookshelf).

“The Art of Practising the Violin” by Robert Gerle.

  1. I particularly like the “finger pattern practice” and the “memory practice”.
  2. The ‘Ten Basic Rules” are worthwhile to learn and follow.

Music Minus One” had produced many CDs for accompaniment during practice of music instruments including violin.

Baroque solo music usually accompanied by Base(Cello) besides cembalo. However, these scores and recordings are scarce. I found and bought “Handel’s six violin SONATEN fur Violine und Basso continuo” published by C.F. Peters. I played with the accompanying CD and found different feelings in having cembalo and cello as accompaniment which is richer than piano accompaniment alone.

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