Memory Articles of Dr. Ming Wu (English)

Business Partners and Associates:

It was a privilege knowing Dr. Wu. He was a guru and one of the pioneers in the surimi industry, and I was so fortunate to have worked for him. He struck me with his great intelligence, kindness, practicality, and straightforwardness. He was a wonderful boss and very easy to work with. He taught me not only surimi technology, but also life. I learned to be a more forgiving person through him-never push others too hard, he always told me.

Dr. Wu was a hero in battling the rare disease he had. Even in his great discomfort, he still came to work, till the last minute. It was only slightly over a year, I learned a lot form Dr. Wu, but I have yet more to learn from him… I will miss him forever.

Alice Sheu, a food manufacturing company

Every one of us was born into this world and started to walk on road of his or her life. The luckiest thing happened to me was that I walked portion of the road with Ming. The saddest thing happened to me is that he walked away from us too soon. It’s okay, Ming, don’t worry about me, because I know you are enjoying a walk on a path to the heaven now.

Taka Iwasaki, a food manufacturing company

Everyone here at Aquamar joins me in thanking you for all you’ve done for us and for the company. Now that you continue your journey to better places, we are left alone to pull through all those difficult moments without your wisdom and your weird sense of humor that made the difference. You will always be with us.

Hugo Yamakawa, a food manufacturing company

I was shocked to learn from Frank Kawana that Doctor Wu had passed away at such a young age. I met Doctor Wu when I began our imitation crab business.
My heart fell condolences go out to his family and close associates.

Joe Nishikaze, presidentOcean Food Co. Ltd.
3 Turbina Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario, Canada M1V 5G3

Academic Associates:

The world has lost a very great man. Ming was my former student, my colleague, my friend, and quite often, my teacher. I valued his intelligent approach to all that he undertook: first observing, then careful thought, then keen insight, measured with experience and knowledge. He was slow to speak, quick to listen, and always kind in his response to both inquiries and criticisms.

I feel that although Don Hamann is no longer with us, I can also speak for him in saying that Ming was one of the most outstanding, yet humble, students to pass through our university. I was very happy that the department chose to honor him some years ago as alumnus of the year. Don especially agonized during that week years ago when all of you were stuck in the car in Canada after having driven over for (supposedly!) an afternoon at Niagara Falls and then fought with immigration officials to return to the US.

Tyre C. Lanier
NC State University

What I remember most is his quiet demeanor and analytical mind. You could tell when Ming was analyzing a problem because he would twirl his pencil over and under his fingers; a skill that informed us that he was deep in thought.

Ming was dedicated to his family and his work. He was always thinking and analyzing situations, not so much for himself but to help others. He continued to help others throughout his life in business and in research. His dedication and loyalty is unsurpassed. But of most importance to Ming was his family and friends. I am sure his thoughtfulness and analytical mind has prepared them well for this eventual day in his life.

David Green
Professor and Extension Seafood Specialist
Center for Marine Sciences and Technology
NC State University

What I recall during our school days is his smile, quietness and willingness to help others. With other friends David Green and BY Kim, we were doing similar researches under the directions of the late Dr. Hamann and Dr. Lanier. Ming stood high and assisted all of us when there were any problems in surimi rheology and engineering.

Ming’s career made a significant contribution to the US surimi industry. His research papers are still used as significant references for those who study surimi technology and for those companies that practice surimi seafood production.

Jae W. Park
Oregon State University

During the school days, we often went to the swimming pool together. I remember I took four graduate courses with him. With his smile, he always led me to reach a solution when I faced a problem in solving questions. I also remember our families visited each other and shared traditional Taiwanese and Korean dishes.

I will always remember Dr. Wu, especially his smile. Only answer that I can find for him to leave us is that God wanted Dr. Wu there in the heaven because he is a smart and capable person.

Byung Y. Kim, Professor
Kyung Hee University
Dept of Food Science
South Korea

There are four things that particularly remind me of Dr. Ming C. Wu.

We always relied on Ming to use his computer technology to help us transpose music. He was always willing and able to provide us with the new piece on short notice.

Whenever I listen to music and hear the sound of clarinet, I think about Ming.
My family and I loved his delicious imitation crabmeat products that he generously shared with us.

Due to his persistence, our chamber music group continued for more than 10 years, which brought us so much blessings and happiness. Even when he was so ill that he could not play his clarinet, Ming still insisted that we keep on rehearsing at his home.  We would like to keep our group going for the benefit of people around us, and in memory of Ming, who loved music, our Lord Jesus Christ, and us.

John Hung, Ph.D.
National Taiwan University Alumnus

In my mind all the time is his smile, his firm hands, and the way he waved his hands followed with his opinion.

Hun-Chi Lin, Ph.D.
National Taiwan University Alumnus

To me Dr. Ming C. Wu was like my second brother, Henry. Ming not only helped John (my third brother) and me, but also supported and encouraged our children with many gifts to motivate them to do their best in their music endeavors.

He shared his ideas about chemistry, food science, biology, biotech, music, social science and theology with me unreservedly. When I played my violin out of tune too many times, he would hide his smiling face and frankly tell me, “Go home and practice harder.”

Ming is my best friend and brother in Jesus Christ.

Yu-An Chang, Ph.D.
National Taiwan University Alumnus

Although I have not seen (visited) them since college graduation, I remember them very well in Zoology, who always brought a few (lots) laughs to share in the classroom, study together, and are part of our class centerpiece. I was and am truly their admirer.

Zoology Department, National Taiwan University Alumnus

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