Eulogy of Brother Ming C. Wu, Ph.D.

Eulogy of Brother Ming C. Wu, Ph.D.

Dr. Ming Wu was born on June 19, 1952 in Hua-Lian, Taiwan. He was loved dearly by his parents, teachers and siblings. Today, we remember Dr. Wu for his striking intellectual qualities, his curiosity, his creativity and his humor. Let me share with you just one of the many funny stories he told:

One rich man wanted to buy the best singing bird money could buy. The owner of a store showed him a beautiful bird. “He can sing a Mozart opera and the asking price is only ten thousand dollars.”

“Is there a better one?” The rich man asked. Pointing to a larger and more colorful bird, the owner said, “this bird can sing every Mozart opera, but it will cost you one hundred thousand dollars.”

“I am looking for the best, is this the best?” The rich man insisted. The owner reluctantly took out a skinny bird with a large head and said, “This bird is the best in the whole world. Ten million is my minimum price.”

“What?!!! What additional songs can it sing?”

“This bird can sing nothing, but those two birds call him ‘Master.’

Yes, Ming, you have shared with us this most beautiful and joyful life of yours. We truly appreciate and love you.

Dr. Ming Wu’s many hobbies include building radio control cars, airplanes, helicopters, and precise DNA models. Recently he created a robot and programmed it so that this “toy” could perform tricks like Chinese martial arts. The robot was even used for missionary activities. Dr. Wu often said that “life is short, people should enjoy it to the maximum.” He enjoyed nature and especially loved classical music. Ming played clarinet in the National Taiwan University Symphony Orchestra and Wind Ensemble. He also performed with other musicians in many churches’ music programs and in chamber music concerts for community services, contributing his talents and his enormous time and efforts.

Dr. Wu played around during his Hua-Lian Senior High School years, but because of his exceptionally high IQ, was accepted into the Zoology Department of National Taiwan University. During his college years, he not only participated in two NTU music groups, performing in concerts around Taiwan, but he also enjoyed all kinds of sports such as tennis, table tennis, and swimming. Yet, he still easily achieved academic Excellency and won many academic awards.

After obtaining his MS degree from the Institute of Food Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Dr. Wu worked for the National Health Department before coming to North Carolina State University in Raleigh. In only three years, he received his Food Science Ph.D. Degree.

Dr. Wu’s creativity was not limited to academic research, for he also applied his knowledge to the creation of real products to serve people. He single-handedly developed a new technology to produce various imitation crabmeat products from fish proteins and other ingredients. After this company was sold, he and two partners established their own company — Aquamar, Inc., where Dr. Wu invented many new and delicious products, contributing to their company’s rapid growth. He and his partners insisted on the best quality, maximum production efficiency and absolute honesty to benefit both customers and employees. This company culture enabled them to experience rapid business growth and to provide their employees with job security. His partners especially appreciate how Dr. Wu always demanded the highest possible quality and how he was creative in developing new products and better formulations and manufacturing processes. His employees are grateful for his affection and concerns for their job security as well as for the social responsibility he showed in business, all of which comes from his Love of Jesus Christ.

Friends also notice Dr. Wu’s unwavering loyalty and passionate camaraderie. He loves to help people without letting other people knowing. Through churches or a third party, he frequently assisted those who were in need of financial or other material aid. Many times even his wife and son were not aware of his charitable acts.

In 1985, Dr. Wu and his family moved to Southern California where they joined the Orange county Evangelical Formosa Church. Then under the leadership of Rev. Samuel Wu as well a few other families, they established the Irvine Evangelical Formosa Church (EFCI). With their decades of dedicated efforts, EFCI grew and continues to grow into a shining church for Jesus Christ, serving hundreds of church members and thousands of people in nearby communities. They also send missionaries to foreign countries.

Dr. Ming Wu married Etta and established a model Christian family for thirty years. They shared joy and happiness together, and supported each other in the Love of Jesus Christ when they suffered illnesses. Ming loves Etta so much that he confidentially asked many of his friends to comfort and to take care of Etta. He is very proud of his son, Shan, who is an extremely dedicated teacher at Woodbridge High in Irvine. Shan loves teaching, and cares especially for students with special needs. He was nominated by his school and is recognized as one of the best teachers in the Irvine school district. He received an award, not only in recognition of his excellent teaching skills, but also in recognition of his concern and contribution for and towards the moral standards and motivation of his students.

The loss of Ming is a horrible pain. However, we are sure that when Jesus Christ comes again, we will be able to gather together with Dr. Wu and count the blessings of GOD with everlasting joy. May the Lord Jesus Christ come quickly, Amen.

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