Esther Chen Memorial Concert

Esther Chen Memorial Concert Program Brochure




Concert videos recorded by Mr. Peter Yang --

The recording was then separated into each performance and uploaded to YouTube site:



Concert videos recorded by Mr. James Wu, taken from Sanctuary Balcony and uploaded to YouTube site – –

  1. Canon — [youtube=]
  2. The Majesty And Glory of Your Name — [youtube=]
  3. Adoration by Felix Borowski — [youtube=]
  4. Pie Jesu — Gabriel Faure’s Requiem, Op 48 — [youtube=]
  5. 聽泉– [youtube=]
  6. 永遠的故鄉 — [youtube=]
  7. Cantabile — [youtube=]
  8. You Raise Me Up — [youtube=]
  9. Uncertainty 冀望 Lynn Hauang — [youtube=]
  10. Ave Verum Corpus — [youtube=]
  11. Lacrimosa dies illa — [youtube=]
  12. Die Moldau — [youtube=]
  13. Going Home –[youtube=]
  14. Ode to Joy — [youtube=]


Concert Photos were taken by James Wu from the Sanctuary Balcony.


A memorial concert honoring the late Esther Chen will take place on 29 August 2015, 2:00 p.m. at Tustin Presbyterian Church, 225 West Main Street, Tustin, CA 92780.

Musicians honoring Teacher Esther Chen include: Esther’s family members; her musical friends; NTU Alumni & Friends Chamber Ensemble; NTU Alumni Choir, Southern California; Los Angeles Formosan Master Chorale. The music program include: voice, organ, violin, and cello solos; choir singing; chamber music and grand choir/orchestra.

The planning committee and the participating musicians hereby cordially invite Esther Chen’s friends, students and parents, church members and the community to come to this concert in memory of Esther. Welcome to use the concert flyer (see attached) in extending this invitation to your friends.

陳慧娟老師的紀念音樂會將於 2015 年 8 月 29 日,下午2 點, 在 Tustin 台灣長老教會舉行 [ 地址: 225 West Main Street, Tustin, CA 92780 ]

為紀念心愛的陳慧娟老師而加入表演的音樂家,包括: 陳老師的家庭成員; 她的音樂朋友; 台大校友及朋友室內樂團; 南加州台大校友合唱團; 洛杉磯福爾摩莎聖樂團。節目包括: 獨唱、管風琴、小提琴、大提琴獨奏; 合唱、室內樂、全体大合唱合奏。

策劃委員會和參與的音樂家特此邀請陳慧娟老師的朋友、 學生及家長、教會成員和社區人士前來參加這音樂會,紀念陳慧娟老師。


Planning Committee 策劃委員會 :
NTU Alumni & Friends Chamber Ensemble 台大校友及朋友室內樂團

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