Members of the Ensemble are professional or amateur musicians from Orange Country, California. Most of our members are graduates from National Taiwan University. In recent years, we have more non-NTU graduated members joined us and the age ranges from in the 20’s to over 70 years old. We have diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that have common interest in Chamber Music.

We are Performers, Teachers, Friends, and Neighbors.


  • Samuel Chen
  • Dr. Richard Kao
  • Dr. Wen-Ching Hsieh*
  • Dr. Ming Hsu
  • Dr. Yu-An Peter Chang*


  • Dr. John Kao
  • Ingrid Kao


  • Cynthia Tsai
  • Joyce Wu
  • Marie Yang
  • Aileen Kao
  • Huoyru Chen*

[* NTU Alumni]


  • Grace Wu


  • Marie Young
  • Mary Van Cott-Hand (Guest)

Clarinet & Base Clarinet:

  • Dr. Rick Wu*


  • Marie Yang
  • Cynthia Tsai
  • Joyce Wu

[* NTU Alumni]

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