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Violin Class for Disadvantaged Children

Here is a YouTube clip, entitled “How Music Saved Venezuela’s Children”

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J. S. Bach’s Violin Music

Violinist Nigel Kennedy made news in last August. He accused fellow violinists of destroying Bach’s legacy in that most performances stripped of passion because the musicians can’t play Bach’s works properly.

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Csardas — Beyond Techniques

After a concert, Mark Stryker asked Isaac Stern (77 years old at that time) how did he retain his artistry at such an age. Isaac replied “Technique is not music, music is the thousandth of a millisecond between one note and another; how you get from one to the other – that’s where the music is.”: [abridged from “Prelude” of “The Mastery of Music” by Barry Green].

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Reference Books for Violin Playing:

Principles of Violin Playing & Teaching” by Ivan Galamian.

  1. The pictures and the examples are valuable references.
  2. Conclusion chapter “A few words for the teacher” helped my teaching.
  3. Postscript “Galamian in the studio” presents keys on practicing.

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Self Improvement in Violin Playing

Today, Vivaldi is recognized as the master of the violin concerto…. (http://www.artsjournal.com/palace/2012/04/lamentations-and-ululations-notes-before-a-program.html)9780521404990

(I). My Journey as An Amateur Violinist

I have taken private violin lessons in my teenage years. My teacher, Mr. Liu Chen was a member of the Taiwan Provincial Symphony Orchestra. He is very kind and patient. He guided me through the Suzuki books and a few concertos. My teacher demanded a lot on basics besides the Suzuki books, such as the scales and the etudes. My mother imposed very strict rules on my practicing schedule. Therefore, I have established solid skills.

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