Whispering Pines Chamber Ensemble (松濤室內樂團)

An Ensemble of professional and amateur musicians pursue excellence in Chamber Music

Month: August 2009

Selection of Wedding Songs

I have been invited to play violin solos in a wedding ceremony for a church couple. During the selection of songs, I came up with Bach’s “Arioso” from Cantata “Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe!” (BWV 156) which is a beautiful song and had been played in weddings,

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Church Architecture — Influence of Church Culture

In our small group meeting, we have discussed “World Views” and how they influence our Christian beliefs such as “Where we came from?” We have discussed Darwin’s biological “Evolution Theory” in the group study. My thinking is that we seem to neglect the “Cultural Evolution” and its influence in our worldviews. History of the past 50 years tells us how different and how fast the landscapes changed since when we were children.

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Csardas — Beyond Techniques

After a concert, Mark Stryker asked Isaac Stern (77 years old at that time) how did he retain his artistry at such an age. Isaac replied “Technique is not music, music is the thousandth of a millisecond between one note and another; how you get from one to the other – that’s where the music is.”: [abridged from “Prelude” of “The Mastery of Music” by Barry Green].

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